So this evening, I’m spending some time doing some demographic research for an assignment that I’ve been given, and I came across some statistics about my home county that really blew me away. I’m sharing this to just show some of the things that church planters are facing in Logan County, and to remind myself why Logan County, West Virginia needs a new church plant.

According to The Association of Religion Data Archives, there are approximately one-hundred congregations within Logan County, West Virginia.

Twenty-two of those congregations belong to Charismatic denominations that are famous for preach some form of the “prosperity gospel”. These are Word of Faith congregations, etc.

Sixteen more of those congregations belong to what we would call the cults. This number is split between The Jehovah’s Witnesses, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Seventh-Day Adventists, etc.

Eleven more of these congregations belong to Liberal Denominations. This number is split between The Episcopal Church, The Presbyterian Church U.S.A, The United Methodist Church, etc.

Three of these churches teach that man is justified by his works. There are three Roman Catholic Churches in Logan County.

When you add that up, that means that over half of the churches in Logan County, West Virginia are teaching a false gospel. Fifty-two churches out of one-hundred are leading people away from the Kingdom of God, and into the Kingdom of Darkness. That’s staggering when you think about.

Why does Logan County, West Virginia need a new church plant? So that the City of God will be built within the County of Logan, and people will be snatched from the Kingdom of Darkness and will be brought into the Kingdom of Light.